Dictators Live Dangerously

“A country where nothing ever happens and where nothing ever lasts”.  This is how Benito Mussolini had described his homeland exactly a century ago. But he didn’t live up to 2020 to hear about the current apocalyptic happenings in Italy that made the whole nation an infamous brand. Just let’s hope that the second part of Mussolini’s judgment justifies itself. And the sooner the better. … Continue reading Dictators Live Dangerously

Eight-Year Pursuit For The Unmarked Kind Of Desire

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey, they are so yesterday. If you wish to learn about true desire, better look for Lisa Taddeo‘s nonfiction Three Women. The author has documented her communication with three American women over the course of eight years, which then she constructed into three vivid narratives conveying  „vital truths about women and desire.“ Desire to love and to be loved. Despite being … Continue reading Eight-Year Pursuit For The Unmarked Kind Of Desire

Time To Listen To The Aunt’s Account

Writing sequels to the novels is not an uncommon thing at all. Actually, this phenomenon is more often then it could be. But usually the novels are baked one after the other to keep the readers involved and interested. Except for some authors who make a full stop after the first book as it has been meant to be a standalone. However, decades pass and … Continue reading Time To Listen To The Aunt’s Account

He Comes Back With A Knife

The morning you wake up hangover but not from the booze you’ve willingly over-consumed last night but from the finished crime novel. You feel dizzy, still hoping that there’re a couple of pages more left, though your shattered mind sadly whispers of a final full stop. Say, it never happens? It does but only if this crime novel is written by the Norwegian detective writer … Continue reading He Comes Back With A Knife

Never Trust The Milkman

The Emperor has no clothes. This was the first thought after reading Anna Burns’ Milkman, the novel that won the Man Booker Prize in 2018. Despite this prestigious literary award,  I felt as Sisyphus pushing up his rock uphill with every page and experiencing it roll down with disappointment for not getting any real action or losing train of thoughts in that long read of imitation … Continue reading Never Trust The Milkman

The Game Without Vibrations

Sometimes when you don’t pay attention to book annotation, instead of a literary storytelling full of peculiar images and smashing ideas, you end up with a doctoral thesis on the origin and scope of digital revolution. This is a real case involving the most recent work of a popular Italian writer Alessandro Baricco called The Game. The title is English, however, there’s no translation into … Continue reading The Game Without Vibrations

With Hitler’s Meal Inside Your Veins

The novel I‘m going to review won‘t reach you till next year, if you‘re not fluent in Italian. But it‘s still worth your attention, as it discusses a very intriguing topic of our near past. The title of the book has caught my eye at Milan book fair and, tempted by its predicted international success, I took one of its copies home. Le assaggiatrici (At … Continue reading With Hitler’s Meal Inside Your Veins

A Modern Cop Called Macbeth

I‘m not sure, which is more favorable – to be familiar with the classic Shakespearean tragedy in advance or to have a fresh start with Jo Nesbo‘s Macbeth. The modern entry made for the Hogarth Shakespeare project by the world famous Norwegian author and the creator of the incredibly popular Harry Hole series skillfully re-imagines the plot of a couple taking a path of blood … Continue reading A Modern Cop Called Macbeth